11 Unique Natural Hairstyles For Kids

Making natural hairstyles for kids can be tiresome especially when there are little trends on what styles to make. In this article, I will be showing you some of the most beautiful black girl hairstyles perfect for protective hair updos.

Do you also want to try out back to school hairstyles that are just right for an after-COVID-19 lockdown? Here are some exciting little girl styles to try:

Braided Cornrows

Your child’s cornrow can come in different styles. You can decide to go for a natural hair weave or add attachments to it. Whatever hairstyle ideas you choose, these cornrows are very protective.

Black child hairstyle for kids

In any case, make sure you work with a stylist who knows how to cornrow for children, otherwise, you’d have a lot of trouble growing back edges for your child.

Braided Bun

This cute braids for kids is a perfect hairstyle for every occasion. Consider adding some cute hair accessories to give it a more artistic look. Don’t forget to keep your natural hairstyle for kids at a comfortable level so they can play without hair disruptions.

hairstyle for african american kids


Flat Twist

Twists are definitely on the top 5 lists of easy hairstyles. So, if you’re thinking about a quick and simple style that requires less manpower, consider trying out any of the twist hairstyles.

You can as well, style it in different ways like in a ponytail or two strands twists.


Half Updo

Try out this half and half style. The outcome is always beautiful. It’s also a perfect style for curly hair and straight hair.

natural hairstyles for kids


Natural Hairstyles For Kids: Twist Out

Twisting out hair can give such wonderful results! Why not try this gorgeous style on your little girl? You can make use of bobby pins to help curb any excesses.

natural hairstyles for kids



Messy Hairstyle

For messy hair, style your child’s hair first with a twist out to help straighten out any shrinkage. Consider adding a hair bow to give it more accentuated features.

natural hairstyles for kids


Afro Puff

Try out the afro puff hairstyle only for short days. As a pro hair tip, leaving out natural baby hair for long can lead to breakage. However, this is a perfect style for any hair texture and is very easy to style. Don’t forget to add a cute headband to make it look fuller.


Braided Mohawk Natural Hairstyles For Kids

Hawk styles are perfect for long hair, medium hair and even short hair when properly styled.


Side Part Bob Hairstyles (Braids)

This is a style for medium length hair.  If your kid’s hair is short, you can add some extensions to aid styling.

Bantu Knots

Just as the name suggests, all you have to do is neatly knot little girls’ hair. This hairstyle also helps grow hairline when properly knotted. However, make sure you don’t overdo the locs to avoid tightness.

natural hairstyles for kids

Two Power Puffs

Give it a lot more nudge with this Powerpuff girl hairstyle. Add more accessories to make it the cutest and childlike style you’ve ever seen.



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