18 After Lockdown Aso-Ebi Styles To Try

Aso-Ebi has always been in vogue from time immemorial. Although the term Aso-Ebi can be traced back to the Yoruba ethnic group, the art of wearing the same colour designs has always been a human interest.

Aso-Ebi has become such a phenomenon that it’s unimaginable if it stops existing.  Photo Credit: Instagram – @ara_oge_concepts

However, nobody bags it better than Nigerians with their flamboyant display of colours and styles. Here are some Aso-Ebi inspirational styles to try:

Make It Glamorous

Planning on celebrating an after COVID-19 party with some of your best friends? Yes, you can paint the town red with these awe-inspiring colour hues and looks. If you’re a little concerned that some colours may go overboard, lay it with subtle shades, but make sure it blends.

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Make It Sophisticated

Aso-Ebi shouldn’t be restricted to just grand wedding events or dinners, try out these ideas for a date, a simple outing, religious event, a work meeting or a simple photoshoot.

aso-ebi  aso-ebi


All Dolled Up In Aso-Ebi

Make yourself a perfect dose of style and beauty with these ideas. Don’t forget to work with a capable tailor than can help make the most out of your fabrics by accentuating all the right curves on your body. Don’t let it become a case of  ”’had thy know.”

aso-ebi aso-ebi

Even as trends come and go, one thing is for certain; Asoebi is forever. Particularly perfect for weddings and other glamourous events, the culture of adorning ourselves with these beautiful outfits has become a norm.

Since it has already become a part, why not try out these ideas for more than just glamourous parties and events? Even better is the fact that you can never miss it with Aso-Ebi fabrics. They are that iconic!

Inspired by these styles? Stay glued to this blog for more awe-inspiring 2020 Aso-Ebi styles.

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