Oshodi Interchange Completion 2019 Updates

Recently, I visited the world-class Oshodi Interchange completion site and I was awed by its magnanimity. Every part of the terminals I entered was air-conditioned and definitely a better version of the Murtala Muhammed Airport. I had decided that to explore its full potential, I needed to experience every part of it. This is the experience I am sharing with you and I hope that it helps in a way.

Oshodi Interchange Metro BRT Buses

One of my first interests were the Oshodi luxurious buses. I wanted to know the routes they went to. Going online was a waste of time as there was no information given. If you’re interested in entering the new buses, then you should read this.

oshodi interchange completion

Currently, the buses go to Berger and CMS at the rates of N150 and N200 respectively. Crazily cheap right? So, when you’re probably going to enter Danfo buses or the rough ones for over N300 to Berger, you can take this Air-conditioned Buses straight for as cheap as that.

oshodi interchange completion

In addition, there is free WiFi and you can actually charge your phone while inside the bus. The seats are almost the same as the older BRT buses but have a tad bit more comfort.

oshodi interchange completion

The Buses going to Berger are usually lesser in the mornings compared to the ones going to CMS. However, the opposite is the case in the evenings. The reason is simple. People going to Berger in the mornings are lesser than people going to CMS.

After completion, the plan is to increase the number of routes the buses go to. Some of these routes include Ikorodu and Iyana-paja. One thing that caught my attention was the bigger plan the Lagos statement has for the buses. These buses wouldn’t just be restricted to Lagos alone. There would also be interstate buses. This means that you can easily enter the BRT buses from Oshodi to any part of the country. Guess what, it will also be cheaper than the other buses that ply the same route. I honestly cannot wait for this

Oshodi Interchange Terminals and Architecture

oshodi interchange completion

The Oshodi interchange Terminal is divided into three parts. The first and second terminals are mostly for within state activities. While the third is for people traveling out of Lagos. The building itself is well constructed with state-of-the-art materials. My guide told me proudly that every one of the engineers and construction workers was Nigerian. There were also Nigerian supervisors( which he was one of). He stated that they had foreign supervisors who just came only for inspection and left.

Each of the terminals had lifts, elevators, and free WiFi. Did I mention that the whole building is fully airconditioned? My bad! Inside were open spaces designed for offices, restaurants and relaxation centers. So, in the instance where you’re waiting for your bus to come, you can get entertained. I certainly would have gotten lost if I didn’t have a guide and after the tour, I was burned out.

The Underground Work

Apart from all the magnanimous beauty, the interchange has an underground transport network and parking spaces. This is an underground network is mainly for the BRT buses. This way, they can bypass traffic leading to the interchange. This is one of the few things that are under construction.

My first thought of the ”train-looking” walkway was that it was a track dedicated for trains. It really isn’t! This massive walkway connects all the terminals together and you can get to each terminal in less than 15 minutes using the walkway. The Oshodi Interchange completion terminal really is a thing to behold and when completed, would generate a lot of revenue for Lagos.

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