Will The Alternative Music in Nigeria Triumph In 2019?

The past few years and most especially 2018 has had really beautiful music from the alternative scene. However, we may want to question how much impact alternative music has made in Nigeria. While 2018 had the likes of Simi, Adekunle Gold amongst others, has there really been such a great influence in the hearts of music lovers worldwide?

Everybody Loves Good Music

As much as Nigerians love to dance to really good beats, countless number of Nigerians would rather pay for concerts with deep musical meaning or alternative concerts. As it is, mainstream music has an edge; endorsement deals and sponsorship. However, if you take away these two privileges, an alternative singer is more likely to get more fans who will pay for their concerts than the mainstream artiste. You may be wondering whether it is all bad news for alternative music. It really isn’t, rather, there are more and more people venturing into this side of music.

Alternative music gaining grounds

Compared to a couple of years ago, Nigerian alternative music is picking up the pace. While Nigerians have been blessed with High-life, Apala , Fuji amongst other indigenous sounds, the need to diversify in other sounds has never been so great. Perhaps one of the most ground breaking musical experience was when Asa had a successful album which was widely accepted all over Nigeria. Thus, opening a good number of chances for artistes who would rather do alternative music than mainstream uppity music.

An Alternative 2019

My prediction is that 2019 would be the perfect year for Alternative music. One of the most interesting parts is the richness of the sounds. The fusion of African elements with synthetic beats makes it a lot richer and beautiful to listen to. Perhaps more Nigerian alternative music may be at the brink of getting international recognition.

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