7 Things No One Will Say To You After Childbirth

It’s quite certain that a lot of first time mothers will experience this. Even though you may have set certain standards for yourself about how to recover after childbirth, you may be surprised.

While pregnancy symptoms differ with every woman, there are certain things that are very common right after childbirth. You may have surfed the internet, read a lot of baby books and consulted your doctor on what to expect after childbirth. But, you may be in for surprise.

Abdominal Pain

It does not get rosy after childbirth. Even though it may seem conclusive that you shouldn’t feel discomfort in your stomach after the baby, reverse is mostly the case. Sometimes, you get abdominal discomfort because your abdominal walls are healing. You would most likely feel uncomfortable during uterine contractions.


Quite a lot of myths are that you wouldn’t experience bleeding after childbirth. In fact, it almost seems like all the while you were pregnant and not having your period, it was waiting for you to give birth. You’re most likely to experience bleeding which can last up to six weeks.  This is referred to as ”Lochia” and it happens because of the natural shedding of the lining of the uterus. However, your bleeding is never really heavy. Even though it begins quite heavy and reddish, it eventually changes until it becomes whitish pale to transparent to normal.


As expected, you may be tired right after your delivery. However, what you may not have been told is that this fatigue can last for days or even weeks. This is also regardless of the method of delivery. The reason for this can be easily explained. As your hormones return to normal and your body starts to heal while caring for a newborn, it can get very exhausting.


New mothers, especially those who took some form of anesthesia are likely to experience constipation. To reduce this, make sure to take lots of fibre-rich foods, plenty of water, fruits and vegetables.

Baby Blues

It’s not abnormal if you find yourself weeping for no reason or getting too overwhelmed. For about a week or two after delivery, you’re most likely going to have baby blues. Quite a lot of women experience these blues and it can be due to a lot of reasons. Some of it include stress, fatigue or hormonal changes. Eventually it fades away. However, in instances where you still feel low after four weeks, you may need to talk to your doctor as it may be a sign of postpartum depression.

Urinary incontinence

This is even more rampant among women who had vaginal delivery. However, women who went through C-section my experience it too. It is very possible that your bladder may leak when you cough or laugh leading to a forced little bit of pee coming out. Eventually it goes with time.

Hot flashes

Hot flashes isn’t just a symptom of menopause. Postnatal hormones can also cause hot flashes. This is when one becomes unbearably hot and sweaty. It gets better after about two weeks of delivery.

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