7 Money Saving Apps That Will Offer Interest In 2019

Now that it’s the new year, it’s about the right time to start saving. I usually would not recommend that you go and save your money in your regular savings account because, in all honesty, you will ”backslide.”

While there are tons and tons of other great ways to save money, you should be thinking of how to save smartly this year. This is why I have put down a list of apps and websites that can help save you a whole lot this year.

Stanbic IBTC Money Market

I am almost certain that this is one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria where you can save your money. Not only does it help you save your money, but it has a really good interest rate which can be more than 10% of your actual savings. Unlike other forms of investment, the risks are very low and you can save yourself from any stress. Also, you can start investing with as low as 5,000 Naira.


Another perfect app for saving is Piggybank. This is a really great savings app. It also allows you to save through really flexible options. One of their plans includes an offer of 12.41% interest rate which is paid upfront when you put away a particular amount of money for a specific period.



Alat by Wema bank is a very cool way of saving. You even do everything yourself, including opening your bank account. When you save, there is a 10% annual interest on your savings. However, you will lose your interest if you withdraw your money before the goal is complete.



If you’re not satisfied with all the other apps, you can try Cowrywise. This app also offers flexible savings plans with 10 -15% interest rates. You can also save periodically or lock down a fixed sum for a longer period of time.


Payvest by Paylater is an online lending platform. However, you can still save and get a 15.5% interest rate per year. The low point is that the minimum amount to start saving is 50,000 Naira.

PayDay by ARM

ARM group also has a savings app that helps save money. PayDay allows you save towards specific goals through the investment of your money into the ARM mutual fund pool. It offers you an annual interest rate of up to 12%.


This the first treasury bill app in West Africa which helps you invest in treasury bills with a minimum amount of 100,000 Naira.

Here are some of the best apps that you can use this 2019. Always remind yourself that the smart way is the better way.


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