5 Things To Look Out For When Getting A New Place

Getting a space can be excruciatingly annoying. Especially in urban areas or hotspots, it can be almost impossible. Usually, spaces become too expensive or too weird looking.

If you’re planning on getting a space pretty soon, I suggest you sit back and relax on this article. I promise to make it as short as possible and make sure you get all the helpful tips you need in securing the perfect space.

Avoid Houses Close to Religious Institutions

Even if the house is the best in the area, you may be shooting yourself in the leg if you pay for such a space. Except you have fully observed that the church/mosque beside or a few meters away from the house has speakers within and very quiet, RUN.

Trust me, you really do not want to wake up to the early morning call to prayer by the Muezzin or the vigils of really noisy churches. If you have a knack for peace and quiet, make sure to avoid it at all cost.

Houses Close To Gutters And Canals

Another thing you need to look out for is this. Although, it may not seem to be very much of a problem. Especially if the irrigation system works well, or if it is properly managed. However, even in the best scenarios as this, canals and large gutters can be really smelly. Usually, during the dry seasons, it gets worse because nothing is constantly washing away the dirt. Unless you’re an ogre and you like the smell of ”all things rotten,” avoid this place with all of your might.

Pretentious Houses

It’s insane the number of things you need to look out for. One of these is the house itself. Make sure to check the plumbing, the light, the water, and even the walls. Once, a friend and I were looking for a space for her and we found one. The building was close to where the tank was. So that when the pumping was done and the water was pouring out of the tank, it came directly on the house. This made the walls white-washed and water-logged. You do not want this.

Also, make sure to avoid really tight corners and houses with low ventilation. It may look good initially. However, start to imagine when you come in with your personal belongings. You just may discover you have no more room to move or breathe.

Poor Parking Spaces

Again with the tight cornered houses. You’re most definitely going to find a whole lot of them. If you have a car, make sure to look out for a house with good enough parking spaces. You really wouldn’t like the idea of parking outside of your house. This is most especially for places where you’re very skeptical about the security.

Always Have a Corridor

This is one mistake you do not want to make. If your parlor or room is right in the open without any corridors, you may be in a very big trouble. This means that your house would almost always be dirty and stuffy. A personal corridor is needed simply so you can have enough space to put quite a lot of things there. Also, your family and friends can take off their shoes and feel safe about it without littering your own space.




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