The Mystical Dream In The Endless Clouds

I dream of the clouds and our footsteps running towards the tiny clouds. Our heart beats pacing rhythmically to the sounds our feet would make. It was a story, one that didn’t describe love or hatred, it was life and more of it passing through the hollowness of our minds and in its place, light. Light, like the sun shining through the clouds jutting out of crimsons and revealing tiny drops of…. the rain…every single drop falling on its own, living and reliving and dying, it’s life spaced out and narrowed.

I dream of Ala, the god of the raindrops and the dreams and the fantasies. Ala would appear to me as a man and as a woman and then metamorphose into different dimensions I have never seen. It would say

Have you seen your blood in its purest of forms? The love in the darkest of nights? Have you seen the deliverer of pain and happiness? Do you know they are all the same?

The colors would change from white to green to pink and burgundy to cream and yellow and to the colors with no names. Running, hopping, jumping, dancing, our minds would mix in all forms singing an unending song, drawing us into an abyss of emotions and lights and more light while we float…


Folake went the sound of the night. It wasn’t a composed form of music. It was in the glass cups, the dragging feet, the metals of the bags jingling, the handshakes and the thin air. Wealth; brought up with wealth and success and all the glory that comes with it. There was no sadness, just a bit of indifference and over-enthusiasm. How do you describe the slight touch of skin against your cheek? Does it tell a tale? Does our dream still exist?

I dream of falling and becoming an instrument, to be played by, to be loved, to be cherished, to be attached to, my dream glides far into the worlds of the unknown. Beneath the seventh heaven, it lay smiling and urging like a mentor and screaming like a mother birthing her first. Mother, father, an appraisal of both. An effigy for both. Drag me along the planes of the clouds, because above it, beneath it, on it, is where I reside.

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