The Famished Road: Chapter Five, Six and Seven

Chapter Five

Azaro is hospitalized. After he is treated, a policeman offers to take care of him pending the time someone comes to claim him. In the policeman’s house, Azaro reveals that they are Christians with a ‘’painting of Jesus with his large visible arms outstretched, was the legend:


The Policeman’s house is enormous and Azaro is in awe after realizing he would be staying in a big room all by himself. Azaro also finds out that their son had died from a road accident. Afterward, he is constantly haunted by the ghost of the dead boy. Realizing he is in danger, Azaro tries to look for an open door. The spirit, however, possesses him and Azaro tries unsuccessfully to get the spirit out of his body. While Azaro is struggling, the spirit leaves when his mother comes towards where Azaro is lying and tries to talk to her. She does not see him. She stares instead at Azaro who is bleeding from the mouth.

Azaro falls very ill after this encounter and loses part of his memories. He sleeps for two days out of exhaustion and without food. In the night, the policeman and his wife come into his room with a herbalist who has a bright-looking machete. They leave after they talk in whispers. That night after eating, Azaro plots his escape. He notices that the policeman has guests. Then, he creeps towards the kitchen to listen to them.

Chapter 6

Azaro discovers that the policeman is in a cult along with other policemen. He is, however, the leader. The other policemen have to tender the money they get from bribes and other innocent civilians completely. This is backed up by a fetish oath that binds all of them together. After which the leader shares the money around and takes the larger sum.

During the ritual, one of the police officers leaves without completing his oath. The ritual continues without any regard that one person has left. After the ritual, everyone leaves. Azaro creeps into the living room to find the policeman fast asleep. He creeps out of the door but brushes his legs against a white dog. Scared to his bones, he makes a friendly gesture towards the dog so it doesn’t raise an alarm. Then he walks back inside and goes to the bedroom.

That night, Azaro is unable to sleep. The next morning, the policeman tells his wife to keep the doors locked always. Then leaves. The wife places a plate of beans and plantain at Azaro’s door. All day, Azaro is mocked by his spirit companions. When the hunger wells up inside Azaro’s stomach, he gets the food, but this time, it is spoilt. That night Azaro prays that his mother comes to his rescue.

Chapter 7

It began to rain. Azaro is then invited by the policeman and his wife to eat with them. He loses his appetite when he sees so many spirits touching the food with bloodied hands. As the story progresses, it is revealed that the policeman who left in the previous chapter has died from an accident. The policeman’s spirit follows the leader everywhere he went. He realizes the policeman is somehow responsible for the deaths of all of the spirits in the room.

Azaro is haunted again by the spirit of their dead son and the spirit tries to take over his body. The rain, however, rains heavily on the house, distracting everyone and eventually letting out a lightning strike that sets the kitchen on fire. After they had put off the fire, everyone goes to bed except Azaro. In the wee hours of the morning, there are loud knocks on the door. As the policeman opens the door, Azaro recognizes the person behind the door to be his mother. With all the excitement in his voice, Azaro screams out her name and they hold each other in a warm embrace.

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