The 5 Best Things To Do When You’re Angry

Getting angry is perhaps one of the easiest things these days. If you live in a country where things that aren’t supposed to be difficult are, you’re more than likely to get upset all the time. While a quantifiable amount of anger may do you good, it’s not always advisable.

This I can attest to as I had battled quite a lot of anger issues. I thought this up specifically for people who are finding it very difficult to contain their anger. Just before you take a drastic step that will affect you or others, find other alternatives. I have listed 5 things that can be done in the instance where you get overwhelmingly angered.

Get Music Right Away

There has been quite a lot of times I got into really intense arguments. Usually, once you notice that a situation is about to get really messy, it’s best to, as fast as possible let it end. For me, music helps contain the anger. Usually, it is normally the right form of distraction. It’s important, however, to make sure it’s the music that calms you that you listen to.

Walk Away

There is nothing as gracious as this. Make no prior announcements. Just walk away as fast as you can. Taking a walk can also help ease the tension surrounding the anger. Then, it’s always important to dissect the main reason for the anger. Is it something really trivial? Is the person capable of having actual sensible-no-fight conversations about the issue? Always make sure to break down the issues into the tiniest details. This way, when you have to bring up the issue again, you have a better view of handling the issue.

Be Silent

This is probably a very difficult thing to do. However, it’s one of the best ways to actually manage your anger. It’s so good that the person getting you upset eventually apologizes first. Also, it makes you less predictable, such that there is frustration from the other party and they eventually give up. Silence is truly golden.

Don’t Linger

Lingering on something that angers you is a total waste of time. Not only does it drain you physically, but it also does a whole lot of havoc psychologically. While it’s okay to be upset, don’t ever linger on it. If not, you would be nursing a whole lot of thoughts that eventually lead to really terrible things. Whatever the case may be, you will always be in the receiving end of the side effects.

Place Your Energy In Something Positive

Rather than getting all worked up on this issue, focus on something more productive. Technically, if you’re looking for revenge, the best revenge is working on yourself. This means that you would have taken all the energy into doing something much more positive. Thus, building your self as well as your emotions. So that when the same issue arises, you would have been way ahead of the situation. Always remember to think about your wellbeing first and most especially, your mental wellbeing.


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  1. I love your thoughts on this subject. I believe it will go a long way to help a lot of us residing or working in unfriendly environments. Keep it up!

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