How The Nigerian Society Is Fueling Yahoo-Yahoo

From all over the world, yahoo-yahoo has become a popular attribute of Nigerians. Whether you want to be tagged in it or not, you will suffer from it. This is why Nigerians all over the world go through intense scrutiny before being allowed into foreign borders. The just concluded 90-day fiance series featured a Nigerian who was seemingly portrayed as an internet fraudster who would ”use and dump” his fiancee after he takes all her money.

While this depiction of everyday Nigerians is sad, it’s a lot sadder when you dig in deep. Quite a lot of times, I have seen how the internet fraudster business has been praised. It’s in everyday music and in everyday society. This unusual act has been glorified so much that it is a more dignifying act than ”stealing.” How then has Nigeria fueled Yahoo-Yahoo you might ask. Here’s what I observed.

Openly supportive

There has never been a society as supportive as the Nigeria society when it comes to internet fraudsters. Perhaps over 50 percent of Nigerians support this ”business.” The excuse is quite simple; the colonial masters did a whole lot worse. Also, they are not killing anybody and anyone who falls for this flimsy act is a greedy person. In addition, the people involved in the business are helping everyone else. In fact, they probably own a lot of organizations and businesses and have succeeded from there.

Laziness, an easy way out and Utopia

Nowadays, most of the youths involved in this trend are usually people who prefer the ”easy way out.” The media has created a Utopia where everything is flashy and wealthy. In music videos, everyone is extremely rich and wealthy and the houses are in rich areas. There is almost always a tinge of advice geared towards this business in some songs. It is considered a smarter way. Also, you shouldn’t feel guilty because years and years ago, our forefathers suffered a whole lot from colonialism.

Economic Depression

With the society looking bleak, a lot more people are venturing into the Yahoo business.  A lot fewer jobs are available. The available ones are either too cheap with a bulk load of work or considerable and your life is over.  Whereas others are creating a business for themselves, the fraudsters are better off on their laptops trying to cheat people.

Their reality

If you live in a reality where fraudulent business is considered as heaven, you should not be surprised. The reality of most youths today is sad. Consider how most people who are rich in the Nigerian society make their money through shady activities. The Nigerian government, for example, goes scot free and cart off with a lot of money.  Cyber crimes are thus really nothing compared to the others.  Even though there are better ways to making money, most times, people in Nigeria are not open to giving the opportunity to others.


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