5 Hair Oils Perfect For Hair Growth For All Hair Textures

Now more than ever, more people are discovering the secret to having long healthy hair. While, some have really long hair thanks to their genes, others grow it simply by using oils! If you have had so many issues in the past with growing your hair, perhaps you haven’t tried some of these oils. Personally, I have tried a couple and I understand the frustration quite a lot of people may be going through. However, it’s best to change your oils once you notice it is not working. Also, try as much as possible not to use too many oils at the same time. If you do, you may not get the results you’re looking for. Remember to always use them in moderation as well.  Here are some oils and ointments specifically made for hair growth:

Castor Oil

During the time I started my natural hair journey, I had a lot of issues growing my hair. As expected, I tried a couple of hair products but nothing worked out. However, a friend recommended Jamaican black castor oil for me. It really worked like magic. Although there are several kinds, it best to observe if your hair is growing. Usually, you can give your hair 3 months to confirm this. The black castor oil was more efficient for me. One thing is certain. Castor oil does grow hair and is perfect for bald edges. Make sure they are as organic as possible. The more organic they are, the more potent they will be. Another thing I noticed was how really shiny and dark my hair was. Castor oil is certainly going to do this to your hair.

Cannabis Seed Oil

This is one of the fastest way you can grow your hair. The fresh seeds of the cannabis is blended to bring out oil. The oil is usually light or dark brown depending on the method of extraction. You would be shocked at how long your hair will grow in a couple of months. You can mix the oil with Shea butter if you have really tough hair to make it softer and longer.

Coconut Oil

Most people have attested to the potency of coconut oil. Not only will your hair be sweet smelling, you’re sure to have the long hair result. Although, during the time I tried coconut oil, the growing process was slow for me. However, I know a couple of people who use only coconut and have really long shiny and healthy  hair.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is perfect for your hair. In fact, a little peppermint oil goes a long way. What’s great about it is that it can help treat dandruff. Peppermint oil was recommended to me when my scalp had dandruff and was itchy. Just as the name applies, you’re going to get a cold tingling sensation when it is circulating on your scalp. However, make sure you don’t use too much. If you do you would not get your desired result. Its best to mix this oil with a much gentler oil like coconut oil or Shea butter or wash off 10 minutes after application

Rosemary Oil

This oil is perfect for hair thickness and growth. It is best to mix with coconut oil or Shea butter. It is also perfect for  all hair types.

While these oils are perfect for every hair type, always make sure to observe which works better and faster for you.

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