5 Easy Ways To Bring Back The Reading Culture

It shouldn’t be news that the reading culture is slowly dying down. At some point, even I fell victim of this. Everyone is so caught up with social media and the internet that there is little time for reading. While we may think this is not a problem, it really is. Research has shown that 2.7 percent of people using social media are more likely to be depressed than those who rarely use it or people who don’t use it at all.

Also, you may have noticed how relieving it is when you sit in a corner and read a book. Not only does it help your mental status, but it also helps your overall health. Here are some few ways to bring back the reading culture:


It is very easy to get distracted by social media. In fact, it is very possible to sit for hours while staring at your phone. In a society where more people have access to soft copies than hard ones, be strict. This means creating a time each day where your network settings are completely off. This includes phone calls or any other alert that may distract you. Even though this may be difficult for people who are addicted to social media, it is very beneficial.

Go organic

I would recommend this 99.9% of the time. One of the first things you have to do is, to be honest with yourself. This way, you can easily figure out where the problem is. If you know you cannot do without grabbing your phone every ten seconds, this is for you. Going organic means locking out every gadget and staying in with just you and your books.

If you find being at home very boring, you can go out for a quiet picnic. Reading under the cool breeze can be a really beautiful experience.

Be a part of a Reading Group

For people who aren’t so consistent, having a reading group would be best. Not only would you have the maximum fun, but you also get to make friends. Perhaps one of the fun things about reading groups are¬†the community. You’re definitely going to have first-hand access to books and probably make real friends.

Set Reminders

Usually, busy schedules are enough to make you forget about reading. Setting reminders does a whole lot of good. If you’re a private person, a reading partner will also help a lot. It’s best to also have a reading partner who does really well with convincing and motivating you to do better.

Challenge Yourself 

Challenging yourself is probably one of the best ways to stay active in reading. As humans, it is fulfilling when you achieve your goals. Making a goal out of every book makes it even more interesting. If you’re able to surpass every ”temptation” to read, that’s a step ahead. If you feel you may break off, try getting someone to challenge you. It’s best if the person is also in the same situation as you. This way, you can both challenge each other and bring fulfillment to one another.


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