The Famished Road – Chapter Three and Four Summary

Chapter Three

Azaro is separated from his mother and gets lost.  Azaro in a fit to find his mother meets several women who kidnap him. He realizes they are priestesses who have shielded themselves from any harm from reality or spirituality. The women also kidnap another woman wounded from the riot. The women carry Azaro and the wounded woman into a boat and rowed in silence to an island not so far away from where they were initially.

On the island, Azaro is given a shower and is fed well. He is also given a silky cloth that feels like he is being ”wrapped in a cloud.” The hospitality of the women is intense and he begins to feel comfortable on the island. During his walk around the island, Azaro discovers the goddess of the island who is heavily pregnant. At night, the goddess’s piercing cry startles him from his sleep. He notices her enormous pregnancy reflecting under the moonlight across the sea and is in awe.

The Escape

One night, as she groans, her worshippers circle her dancing. As he stared on, he sees a cat who asks him why the goddess has not given birth after such a long time. Then, it tells him he is the one the goddess is going to give birth to. Azaro, realizing he is in danger thinks of an escape plan. He finds the wounded woman at the corner of the room and tells her that they need to escape. They creep out of the shrine house successfully and got to the boat. As they started rowing, the goddess of the island lets out a loud scream and the winds begin to lash out on the water, letting out dangerous waves. However, this does not stop Azaro and the wounded woman. They keep rowing with all of their strength while being followed swiftly by the women.

When they successfully get to shore, the wounded woman collapses in exhaustion. Azaro’s attempt to revive her fails. As he notices the women coming closer, he mutters a short prayer for her and runs.


Chapter Four

Azaro sleeps under the lorry the night after he ran away from the strange cult of women. In the morning, he realizes he is in the marketplace. Extremely hungry, Azaro walks up to the traders and stares at them hoping they understood his message. Many of the traders send him away. Eventually, he is given a loaf of bread by a man with four hands.

Azaro begins to scan his environment and discovers spirits also come to the market. While he is staring, some of the spirits discover him. Azaro, realizing he has been caught pretends to not see them. They taunt him and come towards him, sometimes blocking him. He shows no sign of knowing they are there. Afterward, the spirits get tired and walk away. Azaro leaves to another side of the market. He follows one of the spirits that is leaving the market curious to know where it is going. While he is following the ”baby spirit with the face of a squirrel,” he comes across a bleeding fallen tree.

The spirit and its friends get to where there is a gash on the floor. Azaro hears sharp sundering sound and screams. Azaro is screaming so much that he disturbs a sleeping tortoise. It asks him why he is screaming. Azaro replies that he is lost and demands to know where he is. The tortoise tells him he’s in the belly of the road and dismisses him when Azaro asks too many questions. With no one to ask how to get home, Azaro cries himself to sleep.


The Morning

Azaro wakes up and discovers he is in a pit at a sand excavation site. He jumps out and walks toward the junction. At the junction, he asks a food seller for water. Azaro finds a place to seat to eat but notices a madman is watching him. Although, he tries to avoid the madman, he unable to. The madman pursues him until he almost gets hit by a lorry. In his fright, Azaro lets go of his little loaf. The madman rushes to the road and picks up the bread eating it along with the nylon wrapped on it and causing traffic.

Azaro continues to run in fear that the madman may remember he is pursuing him. He gets to a clearing and wonders why the strangeness is familiar. He realises a little too late that he is being cajoled by his spirit companions to come back. While struggling between reality and the spirit world, Azaro is hit by a lorry.



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