5 Ways To Handle Inter-Religious Relationships

Being in a relationship can be a beautiful thing. However, as humans, so many social and religious constructs are set on us right from our childhood days. This is why it’s usually difficult to be in a relationship with just anyone. Interestingly, love surpasses all of these. So, it’s very possible to be in love with someone who doesn’t share the same faith with you. If you’re currently in a relationship like this, here are some things you should consider:


Forget conversations about faith

Quite a lot of couples make this mistake. Imagine being asked to change a religion you’ve always known because you love someone. This is quite illogical. While it is still plausible, it is usually 1 percent of the world’s population that does this. So, it’s best to not have the mindset that your partner would change because of you. Usually, it’s always the opposite. A person would change mostly because they have made a personal resolution to.

Having arguments about faith usually just tears apart the relationship. It’s best to respect each other’s feelings and faith. It eventually strengthens the relationship.

Respect Each Other’s Faith

Respect each other’s faith. Make sure you have an open mind enough to understand individual belief systems. Support him/her in ways that you can. Also as much as possible, try not to get in each other’s way. Make sure you’re not pressuring your partner into anything they may not be comfortable with.

Love, above everything else

Growing in love makes it easier to see clearly in instances where disputes about religion arise. Just as we are humans before so many other classifications, there was love before all of these.¬† Be sure you’re fully in love with this individual before committing yourself to them. Try to avoid the sensitivities of life.

Be aware of the risks

One of the worst things you can ever do is be ignorant. Make sure you’re aware and ready for whatever comes your way in the relationship. Do not expect paradise and a free and happy life in this relationship. In fact, there are more chances you’d be faced with criticisms from external people. The only difference between your relationship and other failed relationships is the commitments the both of you put to it. In the instances¬†where you allow a weakness to overwhelm you, you’re slowly letting go of the relationship.

Have Zero Doubts

Having doubts is a big disadvantage. Doubts lead to questioning which eventually leads to complications in a relationship. If indeed you’re in love with this person, you may need to take extra steps in building a wall around the both of you. Of course, it requires a joint effort. This means having evaluations of your personal selves and building one another’s self-esteem. Remember this may take a toll on your mental state of mind. This is why building a strong bond is important. Having a strong bond makes it a whole lot easier to face doubts or questions that may arise from external places.



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