5 Tips To Beat The Cold During this Harmattan Season

The Harmattan season is fast approaching. Technically you’d be getting more and more people getting all sorts of strange illnesses. One of the most common illness during the harmattan is cold and cough. This is mostly because of the conditions of the weather. You’re more or less going to have to clean up dust from your eyes now and then. While harmattan can be a wonderful period, during its harsh temperatures, it can cause a lot more than a tiny havoc. If you’re going to get through the harmattan without a scratch, here are some tips you can use:

Lotion and Face Mask

Harmattan certainly knows out to take out the juices out of your body. This is why it’s really necessary to always use lotion on your skin and on your lips. While quite a lot of people may protest that they don’t use lotion, you would be doing a lot of harm to your body. Applying lotion protects you from the harshness of the weather and ultimately prevents instances of flakiness or dryness in your skin as a result of the harmattan.

For the periods where you will be going to really crowdy areas or anywhere at all, make sure you have a face mask with you. Not only does it save you from all sorts of dirt that come from the environment, but you also don’t have to spew out dust that may accidentally come into your mouth.

Vitamin C

Make sure you’re taking lots of fruits and vegetables. You can also get vitamin supplements. Because of the intensity of the weather especially in the Northern part of Nigeria, having these can be a great safeguard against cold. Make smoothies out of your fruits and take them wherever you’re going. You’re going to be doing a lot of good to your body so much that you’d be leaving the harmattan season with very fresh skin!

Avoid Living in Dusty Corners

Dusty corners would attract a lot of sneezing and coughing. Making sure that your environment is tidy is being a step ahead of the weather. This means that you are to take extra measures in ensuring your house is tidy. It’s important to realize that harmattan means you will be welcoming way more dust than you envisaged. Thus, its best to try to clean at least twice each day. For the really lazy folks, if you hate the idea of actually seeing dirt accumulate, it’s best to wipe them off immediately you notice them.

Get Disinfectants

Even though sometimes the harmattan wards off mosquitoes in some places, you’re still in danger of contracting some illnesses from the weather. It’s best to fumigate your environments and make sure to keep your doors shut at most times. If you’re in an area where the cold is intense, you should keep yourself warm indoors.

Don’t go out without Sunscreen

The sun during harmattan can be so intense! What’s worse is how quick the sun pops up. You may be having a great morning and the sun shows up suddenly. Usually being in the sun during these periods can be very sun burning. This is why it’s best to always protect yourself with a sunscreen during these periods.


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