Talia’s Daydreams

When she was seven, she had daydreamed of a time where she and her friends would all be together. They would be dressed in neat clothes and her room would be the exact color she wanted. Her best part about these dreams was that she could easily change her storyline. Sometimes her friends lived with her and they would have the best time together, forever. In the real world, the sun was too harsh, the air was sometimes too cold and the neighborhood was always quiet.

At school, she was almost always quiet; scanning faces and staring at other students living and acting, characters in her own little space. She imagined for a moment, that she was invisible and could rewrite the stories on each person’s lips just the same way she suddenly knew what she wanted to say before saying them on several occasions. It almost felt as if she had relived that life. One way to think of it was a way to be more curious and there was nothing to hold on to; no rules to spirituality or a recipe to understanding certain complexities. She was just another human living in puzzles and living forever to solve them… but the daydreams kept her safe. That day, when she got home, it became the first day of her period in her whole life.

The Sanitary Pad Experiment

Talia had tiptoed to her sister’s wardrobe in search of the sanitary pad. She had seen one just like it on TV. The commercial had tissue paper placed on one side and the sanitary pad on the other. Then, hands moved a blue colored liquid in a tube and emptied the contents on both items. It seemed like a proper experiment. It was quite exciting that the sanitary pad didn’t leak at all but she was curious because she believed it may just be a trick… like the day she tried a science experiment about carbon dioxide making lime water milky. She almost ran out of breath breathing out carbon dioxide to make the lime water milky. It never worked.

It was lying there almost as if it was waiting for her. She quickly got water as a substitute for the blue liquid and did her own experiment. This time, it worked and she eventually got bored and threw it away.
For the rest of the day, Talia had terrible cramps and couldn’t walk properly. She thought to change it so bad but her sister had said she could only use one each day. Talia daydreamed of a young white man who would sing to her all day. She had slept dreaming of them dancing together.

The mysterious evening

Her evenings were mostly quiet with the wind caressing the hair on her skin. She walked in careful steps towards the water close to her house and stared on. A young boy had sat close to her for about an about staring towards the sea. She turned.

‘’What are you doing here?’’

Talia asked firmly

‘’Same as you’’

he muttered while he stared on.

She seemed pretty upset with his attitude, interrupting her quiet time with his presence. She enjoyed her silent musings alone. He glared at her.

‘’What do you think I am doing here?’’
‘’What sort of question is that?’’
‘’The kind that requires an answer.’’
‘’I don’t know.. you tell me…’’

He looked at her in disbelief and shook his head. Talia wondered for a while if she had actually seen him before. A loud thud on her back woke her up. She jumped up right on time for the class to burst out laughing. Her cramps came back to her all over again. It was morning in school.

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