Adis Adventures: Something About The Misty Blue Sky

The dry leaf swirled around the ditch on the tarred road and followed the little whirlwind anywhere it directed. On the road, a man sat staring blankly at the cars that moved to and fro. As he sighed, he could smell his breath. He couldn’t stand the smell and his feet were itchy. He was desperate to leave but where to?

Something About the Clouds

The clouds darkened and brought with it a strange coldness. The wind passed a nostalgic aura around and he could smell it. It was almost as if it was the sign Adis was waiting for. Silently, he crawled out of the house making sure that not even the rat moved from where it was. When he got out safely, he ran as fast as his legs could take him. It seemed as though the winds didn’t approve of his leaving. They slapped his chest, and also entered violently into his nostrils. The drizzling started, cutting his skin. He ran, not stopping to catch his breath. He needed to be as far away as possible before someone sees him and calls out.

His feet began to hurt. He had walked far enough and his throat itched from thirst. Adis walked towards a shop he had seen in front of him and motioned to the woman to come. The young woman stared hard at him while she sat lazily on her chair. She stared on in disbelief. She pondered about her misfortune in life. How come she had ill-luck with men. Yesterday some strange man had approached her asking if she would like to have a bite from his gala. Now this man is calling her like some dog. She stared hard at him again, hoping he would get the message. Adis walked towards her and opened his mouth.


He croaked. She stared at him, waiting for him to speak. Instead, he crumbled to the ground, staring at the sachet water and pointing, before everything blurred out on him.

A Forever Desire

Adis woke up to a strange wetness all over his body. The young lady he had seen earlier yelped as she moved backward.

Na me you wan kill abi? Abi? If you want to die can you at least go die somewhere else. So at least I can have a peaceful day. Why is it that you have to bring your unfortunate self here?

Her body vibrated from the shock so that she almost fell when his body wriggled a little towards her. Adis murmured words underneath his breath. He was also tired of living and questioned why he was still alive. Could it also mean that he was living for a reason? So, if there was one, why was he still in this mess?

The fact that Adis had no memory of how he got here baffled him. He felt as though a part of him had been missing for so many years. It was almost as if his mind was in a limbo. He knew that something had happened. He also knew he needed to find a way out.



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