The Imaginations Of Adanma: A Short Story

My dreams are not ordinary. They must have happened in another realm before this one or is bound to happen. When I hear people say things like ‘‘oh snap out of it! it’s just a dream” I want to question them. I want to understand why they would think so. My dreams are really not ordinary. I know this for a fact because I have re-lived a lot of experiences from my sleep. I know…


The question he asked me began with a why. I only remember ”why” because it became more than one question and everything else he said only translated into more whys. I knew that Ladipo thought that I was delusional, I had begun to say things that never existed. He questioned how much of a mother I am to Bode. The little child would stare till his eyes burned. He would stare in longing for new discoveries and the ability to understand every reality. Occasionally, it almost seemed like he understood it and the beauty that came with it. But his father never understands this. He says that I make his son unclean, that I make him touch too many dirty things and that he is not behaving like his mates. How will he when he is completely different?

Ladipo hardly looks at me now. It seemed like only a day ago, he was all over me. He fancied that idealism I had and was awed at how my mind works. Not that I would have found any other person better than him. I knew also that he still loved me. What I was unsure of is whether he is still in love with me.

The Night Before The Morning

I had always enjoyed evening walks. It shaded me away from prying eyes. Also, there were lesser people. The air was always cool and most importantly dark. Ladipo had stopped jogging to say hello to me

I think I have seen this face before. Are you in the Faculty of Arts?

He had asked in between panting and smiling. I did not understand this newness of a conversation. I had never had this kind before. No one had ever claimed to know me before. I had always succeeded in being anonymous. I stared so much at him, my eyes started to burn.

I’m sorry. I really do not know who this is.

Ladipo would later remind me of the day after we had known each other well. He said that when I started to stare at him, he was scared. Then, he made a statement about doing a staring game and then stared back. He felt like he was passing a form of communication because, according to him, I smiled. I don’t remember the story that way. What I remember, is asking how he knew me and what it was that he wanted. I needed to be sure I wasn’t dreaming so I pinched him. I could see that he was scared at first, but then, he smiled and asked for my number…

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