Memoirs From Nysc Camp: The Evening Social Events

The morning was almost always cold. Around 10 am, the sun would kiss the sky and glare at us. At this time, we wore caps to shield us from the sun. Typically, we were all dressed in white shorts and round necks. For some of us, the shorts were longer and covered our knees. For most of us, the shorts were way shorter, sometimes revealing some parts of our genitals. One time, during the morning meditation, the state Coordinator insisted that we find the people who had the right sizes for each of us. We needed to exchange shorts because it was becoming ”a sensual feel.” Occasionally, we would laugh at the guys whose shorts were short. Most of us saw this coming, so we got extra shorts for times like this.

Social Events

The events started at 7 pm, just after everyone was exhausted. Usually, this was the right time to talk to your crush or to people in several platoons. There were a drama group and a social group specifically for the social events. At night, there was music and dance, most corpers went to the mammy market to drink and buy evening meals. The night was filled mostly with lights and chattering of so many people. At night, the sky was filled with so many stars and the wind blew past faces of the people. Everyone looked the same at night, a mist of white bodies in the dark.

The road glistened and bends with feet treading on it. Soft feet, quickened steps,  dragging feet, stomping feet. The night was always filled with laughter and the smell of food and freshness. On the other side of the field, people carried empty buckets and buckets filled with water. During the social events, there was really not much space in the hall.





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