Love Doctor Thrills: On Relationships And Friendships

For starters, I’m not going to pull a Joro Olumofin on you or some other person who is believed to be a love doctor. However, you need to know that this category is strictly relationships. So, in this instance, I will be stating extensively, the things that you need to know about any kind of relationship.

We all know that no man is an island. This basically means that you cannot actually live without any form of relationship with people. Okay, you may want to argue about how authentic this fact is. However, I dare you to make your investigations and prove me wrong. In the instance where you isolate yourself from the world, you’re probably looking forward to becoming Genie.

On Love Relationships


This is perhaps the most complicated relationship you may ever find yourself in. This is technically being blunt. If at any point you have been in a relationship, you will agree with this. In a situation where you are involved in a relationship, there are things you need to know.

  • You’re definitely not getting ”the ideal man/woman.”
  • Be very ready! Mentally and physically.
  • There is also nothing like perfection.
  • Don’t expect a pat on your back all the time.
  • Always remember, there will be temptations.

As beautiful and sweet love is to couples who are in love, it is also very complex. In fact, you will encounter several times where it feels like you’re living in a fantasy land. These periods will perhaps be the best and happiest days of your life. However, there are also a lot of sorrowful periods where it feels like it’s better to be dead. The major secret that may help you is understanding and respect. Understanding and respecting your partner makes a whole lot of difference. For instance, respecting your partner will make you re-think about falling into different facets of temptations.

On Friendships

Friendships are by far a more tolerable relationship. It sounds cooler yeah? However, remember that both parties are really not as attached as it is in the former. Having a friend certainly saves you from a lot of heartaches. If you’re friends with the right people, it is sure to make you a better person in general. A problem with friendship will be the undaunting peer pressure. It may, in the end, make you do what you would normally not do. So, it’s best that you choose your friends wisely

On Personal Self-Worth

Here is something that matters to your wellbeing. Be able to understand yourself enough to appreciate yourself. Thus, even when you get a backlash of negativity from the outside world, you will be fine. It is important that you remind yourself every day of how great you are.  In my previous post about the law of attraction, you will get to understand how this works better.

In all essence, it is necessary that you do not get yourself so worked up about how insufficient you are. Surely, you do have your quirks. You probably have a lot of things you need to completely change or modify. However, you should always remember to be yourself in everything.

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