How The Law Of Attraction Works In Real Life Experiences

The law of attraction has always been an interesting topic to talk about. However, there are quite a lot of controversies circling it. Also, quite a lot of us do not understand how it works. So, this article will focus on the things you need to know about the law of attraction.

The Law Of Attraction

This law has a very simple definition. It simply means that you become whatever you imagine, you attract whatever you focus on. For instance, if you constantly think about how people lie to you, you are likely to get more people who will lie to you. Also, if you are bent on thinking that you’re ugly or that you’re not good enough, all the forces in the world will connive to make that constantly be you.

On the contrary, if you continuously think about good things or you’re positive about events, you are likely to get more of these positive events coming to you. This is simply what the law of attraction is. Just as it’s named, it is a law that attracts to you whatever you think about. As humans, we are susceptible to the laws of the universe; one of which is the law of attraction. Technically, your thoughts become a physical reality under the realm of the law of attraction.

How it originated

More than a century ago, the law of attraction was believed to have been taught by Buddha. It was his own way of telling the people about how the universe works and the power that the human mind possesses. Also, there are so many similar instances found in the Bible; Matthew 16:19 and Proverbs 23:7. Over the space of time, a general belief came to play; whatever you do or say or think towards people will ultimately come back to you. This eventually brought about the law of karma which is popular in western culture.

Does it really work?

As mysterious as it sounds, there have been a couple of people now and in the past who have applied the law of attraction into their daily activities. Of course, the result is the reason why they are so popular to date. Typical examples are Shakespeare and Beethoven who have expressed this law in all of their life and in their works. Recent advocates of this law include Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, amongst others.

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction

Here’s something you really do not need a very big recipe book for. It’s simply like Alchemy, simple yet very complex. The point is, you do not need all the knowledge in the world to apply it. Simply just call great things into your life. Think of the law of attraction as an order. Thus, you’re placing an order from the universe. Also, just like on your shopping website, you wait till your order gets to you. The same thing applies to this law. You also, always have to make sure that you do not have any doubts about what you actually want.

Thus, the more positive thoughts you have, the higher chances you have of achieving the unimaginable. So, start believing and start seeing results!

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