4 Easy Steps To Becoming A Great Creative Writer

To a lot of people, creative writing has got to be an inborn gift. Quite a number of people also believe that even when you learn creative writing, you cannot be half as good as people who are born with it.

So, let me break the jinx here. Creative writing is basically for everyone and anyone! Also, it’s not an inborn gift. As we move on, you will begin to see why the “inborn” writers are better off. This leaves us with the question; how do you achieve creative writing success?

Read A lot

If you are ever going into creative writing at some point in your life, you need to read a lot of books. This is usually a starter pack for any writing process. Reading extensively helps you see writing patterns of different writers and how their works are structured. This can also help with giving you a firm idea of how stories are written.

Also, the truth is that the more you read, the more inspired you get to write. It may be shaky at first, but it is surely the first step to greatness.

Get A Creative Writing Degree

This is another step to expanding your creative writing prowess. You can sign up for online courses on creative writing, run a diploma programme or do a 4-year creative writing course in the university. In all essence, these can help you well with your journey. You can achieve a lot by taking these steps. This is because you have the opportunity to constantly practice on several themes. This way, you are writing all the time and thereby sharpening your skills.

Keep Practising

Constant practice is a good way to get to that creative writing peak. This means that you have to write constantly. Here’s a tip; every week or every day, you can pick out a theme to work with. It could be based on your everyday life experience or your routine walk to the park. Just make sure that you keep writing.

Don’t Forget To Finish

It is sometimes very easy to start up a story. However, as you progress, you may start to get tired or get bored with the whole thing.  The key to this is simple. Create questions.  Questions like:

  • What will happen to the protagonist?
  • How should the turn of events be like?
  • Should there be a plot twist?
  • How do I build up the characters?
  • Should the persona of each character be complex?
  • How complex is complex?
  • What should their names be?
  • Should it represent few their personal attitudes?

If you can write down a list of these pending questions, you can answer them through your writing. Also, it helps greatly with continuity.  So, it’s best that you continue this chain of ideas through questions.

Although, quite a lot of times, there are many writers who just ”get the muse” and write till the end. However, this is very rare for a lot of people. In fact, it is also a very big fantasy.  Most writers at some point have had to do this until they perfected the art.


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