Ondo Myths: Myths In The Town Of Igbegunren, Ondo state

As a young student in 300 level, we had the pleasure of making a research on African culture. Each individual was required to choose from a selected topic and work on that topic for a course titled African Literature. I focused on Ondo Myths which was narrowed to a small town in Ondo with the name Igbegunren. However, before diverting to this, I had the help of some wonderful individuals who brought the research to light more than I expected. They include Primate Engineer Omoniyi Ojatula and Pa Fase who granted an interview. This was despite their health issues and busy schedules. Also, I give warm gratitudes to Yetunde Ojatula, Engineer Gregory Ojatula, Omotola Ojatula for their financial aid. As well as the numerous people in the community of Igbegunren for the success of the research.

ondo myths

Ondo Myths: An Introduction To The Town Of Ondo

Ondo state is home to 3,441,024 people. This beautiful city was created on 3 February 1976 from what was formerly referred to as the Western State. Also, the fun fact is that it originally included what is now Ekiti State, which was split off in 1996. Akure is its state capital and it consists of 18 local government areas. One of the local governments is Ilaje which as at 2006 had a population of 290,615 people. Igbegunren is one of the towns in Ilaje local government area. As you read on, you will be introduced to transliterations which were originally spoken and written in Ilaje language.

Ondo Myths: The Myths In The Town Of Igbegunren

In Igbegunren, the people take their stories seriously and believe in a lot of myths. However, there are some popular mythical stories the natives tell their children. Also, there is the belief that these stories are as old as time itself. Thus, people take great pains in telling them. In fact, some of these myths are believed to be true. They include:

  • The creation myth
  • The mythology of Ayela and Igbegunren
  • The Eje myth
  • The mythology of Imole
  • The Olokun mythology

Ondo Myths: The Igbegunren Creation story

Igbegunren was once a desolate place. There were no humans, only elephants and a lot of evil creatures. The first settler was Temusin. He was able to live in this place successfully because he was a fearless hunter. Temusin decided to build for himself a shack which protected him from the creatures of the dark and the elephants. On some occasions, when Temusin was hungry, he killed the elephants with his bare hands and ate their meat. Then, he will use their skins and tusks for other purposes in his house.However, despite the fact that he stayed there, he, however, never named the settlement.

One day, the prince of Ile-Ife, Ayela came to Igbegunren with a stick of stones. If the stick of stones grew on the third day, it meant that the place was his new colony. And so it happened that the stick of stones grew. He then named the place “Igbegunren” Igbegunren became popular during his stay and thus, he was referred to, as the rightful founder of Igbegunren.





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