Feminism Revamped

Have you ever wondered why there is no term that explains a cause advocated by the male gender aimed at shunning all forms of prejudicial and discriminatory acts such as sexism or inequality/ inequity in our society but rather a term exists for that of the female’s. Is this as a result of the way our societal milieu is structured? Or there are just no words in the lexicon to explain the phenomenon, orrather theological assertions with regard the significance of the male gender in human existence while the females are just representations of passive entities.

I think I will go solely with the assumption of the way our society is being structured. By default we exist in a society which is structured on the tenets of patriarchy. This societal phenomena condones male dominance and often leads to discrimination between both sex. Imagine living in a world where there’s no domination, where male and females are almost equal, but where the vision of mutuality is the ethos shaping our reality. Feminist revolution alone can not create this world , we need to advocate against racism, class elitism, sexism etc. Feminism is the new rebel against patriarchal thinking; however the misconstrued notion of what feminism was made of in the past made us develop polarized thought patterns towards the actors of patriarchy.
Then, Feminism was viewed as a means of usurping men’s power, an antipathy towards men, means of nurturing ambivalence towards men, disrespecting them and attempts made to marginalise them.

Most females who held these views claim to be extreme feminists and often vilify against those who are liberal in their approach towards feminism, they feel the best way to avenge the negativity relative to the patriarchal system was to vilify against these males through acts that reflects of utter animosity.
No wonder the initial notion of feminism wasn’t upheld as a result of its incongruity with its cause, The former notion of feminism was more or less a vendetta towards the patriarchal system. The irony is, the patriarchal system can’t be defeated but we can make it a place worthwhile for peaceful coexistence, so to curtail the inverse effects it has on our societal milieu we need to be clear in our minds that we are all agents in perpetuating sexism, until we alter our mindsets by letting off sexist thoughts and actions, then we can now identify with feminist thoughts or actions.
There is a call for a paradigm shift on how we construe feminism,the new Face of feminism is for everybody, It is the movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. This definition stands out in a way, most especially in the area where it states in clear sense that the movement is not about being anti-male. It makes it clear that the problem is Sexism. And that clarity helps us remember that all of us, female and male have been socialised from birth to accept sexist thought and action. As a consequence females can just be sexist as males.
Thus, there is a need to identify with the new call of feminism where by we become self actualised males and females able to create a beloved community, to live together realising our dreams of freedom and justice, living the truth that we are all created equal.
See how feminism can touch and change your life and all our lives, what then are you waiting for?, The train of solidarity is about to depart , come quickly and know first hand what feminism is all about, Come quickly and you will see: Feminism is for everyone!!!!


Symphony Craver

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