Gently and quietly, I walked through these walls with much silence. My heart had been eloped with very many things; things which I myself could not decipher. The walls of this house were thick and dark with age.

Everyday had been beautiful especially the breezy air that caressed my body and the soft cheeks of the children. I had seen them play around in the streets through the windows of these walls. They reminded me of my carefree childhood days. It was simply beautiful how life had been so simple then, perhaps I never thought about the pangs of adulthood because I had wanted to grow into an adult and do things their way.

I had been cheated so many times probably because I was a child. Now, I wished I was not too eager to leave my little world of innocence, it was much safer and secure there. A little guilt and fooling around cannot kill I had said to myself. I must not deny how much I had enjoyed my independence at the stage of my adulthood. But it was never enough, never enough independence to remind me of how freely I lived as a kid.

The clouds was dark and pregnant with rain, the children inside ran outside joyfully with their skinny bare bodies and tiny dirty pants jumping in excitement and a feeling of freedom. They ran and giggled and whispered to one another while waiting in earnest for the rain. The clouds, like a mother in labor, gave birth to its seed; the rain.

The children ran and danced and sang. It was not long after that their mothers started to shout at them telling them to come inside the house. I wished I could go out in the rain once more to let my feet feel the water beneath and drench myself with happiness. So even after the wind started to direct the rain into my hut through the window I had opened, I made no move to close them. It was simply Eledumare’s answer to my prayer. The water flushed my eyes and parts of my body bringing dear memories.

My husband was approaching the house with much zeal his agile body quivered with the threatening rain; he shivered most times and gave a low cough. I closed the windows as quickly as I could and found a rag to mop the floor. Soon enough, he was knocking with a rather gentle hand. On most occasions his knocking was hard reflecting how he had worked under the harsh sun.

This weather had relaxed his nerves. I opened the door for him and knelt down to greet him. His cold hands touched my warm body propelling me to rise from my feet. He smiled at me, that smile that gave me goose bumps.

Aderenle had captured my heart right from the days when we were younger, he had a charisma that most men in the village admired and most women wanted in a man and most of all he was humble.

I remember the times he would come running to catch up with me in the rain. You are way too old for this…”he would say in between heavy breaths… its high time you grew up Abike. And after these words he will smile and hold me in the rain like a mother protecting her new born child…

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