something worth penning down…

That tuesday afternoon was not busy; it was not as if it was ever busy. The roads from amadi gardens to Garrison and Rumuola, infact most of the roads in portharcourt seemed small, all choked up. The old GRA, the one car bridge would have been bigger if it was well planned,it was just unlike Lagos, less bigger than Lagos, less stressful than Lagos. It was also, quite dry unlike Lagos where you get to see drama Kings and Queens displaying all sorts of un dignified talents on the roads. As a cab stopped by, I plunged my head inside the window calling out Amadi . He waved his hand in approval and I entered imagining I had entered a kidnapper’s cab even though it was painted in the state’s white and blue colour. “One in front two at the back! Don’t enter!” Sis said continuously,now those words rang in my ears everytime I took a cab. I hoped I would find something interesting enough for me to write down, something different from the dryness attached to Portharcourt . I got down from the cab and entered another cab going to Garrison; the front seat designed for only one person occupied two persons, me included. At that moment, I regretted sitting in front. I turned back to see a beautiful lady, light skinned very little makeup, her eyes enchanted me but I did not look too long so that I could avoid her giving me an inquisitive look. I tried to interest myself with my phone looking and looking at the few sign boards that were on the streets while a man was making a phone call; his voice progressed from low to high after which at his highest pitch, he says “Why she no dey even dey pik call sef! No be say she even fine sef! Na one wo wo tin like that o!… You think say I dey chase you ni!”. His voice rang like an alarm in my ears, but everyone in the cab cared less, we all chuckled. He was in the spotlight now, the celebrity of the day, he had done that which violated the boring normalcy of portharcourt. He had cleared the stench boredom air and the saucy memory of him even after he shouted at the driver for not dropping him and turning back to get fuel stuck in my mind.

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